Hivelist Fulfillment Form

Buy using our fulfillment service you are agreeing that you are using designs that are your own or you own the rights to use commercially.

Please fill out the form below and choose your items for your designs. You can upload your items here, Max 200MB upload, or you can send a URL of your file that may be hosted somewhere else. You will want to provide the largest file possible for printing. 150dpi resolution is minimum but 300dpi is recommended. It’s best to also upload your image to your store’s media library prior to submission and just submit the image URL in the form.

Fill out the form, then choose Up to 3 items for your design for free. Further choices cost 1 HIVE or .5 HBD per item and payment will need to be sent to @hivelist account prior to the order being processed. Please add the memo: Payment for POD products

For embroidery products like hats, polo style shirts, and some jackets, please pay $7 to the @hivelist account to cover the digitization cost from the producer. Payable via Hivepay

Embroidery Fee- $7