Print On Demand Fulfillment by Hivelist

Pay Per Product (Non Store Vendors)

You choose the type of items you will have your design on.

If we run into issues with the layout of an item, we will contact you for a substitution.

Hivelist takes a 20% commission on these products as we have more work on our end versus someone managing their own store.

Option 1

$5 per design

Up to 3 items per design. Does not include embroidery products

Option 2

$10 per design

Up to 10 items per design. Does not include embroidery products

Submit for Option 1

Submit for Option 2

Please note that the fees paid for our fulfillment listings will be used to add liquidity to the LIST/SWAP.HIVE diesel pool!

Embroidery Products

Primarily hats, but also some jackets and polo shirts

This includes an $7 embroidery digitization fee and is only charged once to us from our producers on the first order. Once the file is digitized, it can be used on all embroidery products. We hold this extra cost in anticipation of your first order so we can cover that part of the costs which usually puts the first order into the negative. By holding this, this allows us to be able to pay vendors as we normally would and handle the extra fee in the background.

Option 1- Up to 3 products- $12

Option 2- Up to 10 products- $17

Store Vendors Print On Demand

Store vendors get free listings fees for up to 3 products per design and only costs 1 Hive per product beyond the first 3 products paid to the @hivelist account.

Store Vendors will see a P.O.D. Submit Form option in their ‘My Account’ menu dropdown and in the Footer menu.

Earn 70% from the PROFIT of the sale!

The Hivelist Fulfillment Service is a way that we can support creators do what they do best and create awesome products, while we handle everything else for you! You do not need to be a registered Hivelist vendor to sell products through our Hivelist Fulfillment Service! All HLF products are listed in the ‘Hivelist’ store and are labeled ‘Sold By Hivelist’ unless you are a registered vendor, then it will be listed in your store. The creator will be given credit in both the title of the product as well as the description, unless you want to stay anonymous, then we can do that too! We make a SKU number on each product with your Hive username so we know who to pay!

If you are a graphic designer or you have a brand and want to create some merchandise and not deal with any hassle, all you have to do is submit your designs, tell us what kind of products you want your designs on, and our Print On Demand partners will produce and ship your products for you! We will handle all the middle man work for you, pay for the production and shipping costs after the sale, take our commission, and you get the rest! You design it once and get paid on it many times over, if it sells of course… This creates a source of passive income!

You will be paid in HBD directly on the 1st and 15th of the month for sales generated for your products.

We work with some of the top Print on Demand services in the world! All of our producers ship worldwide, there may be some restrictions based on the vendor, but we haven’t seen any issues so far! If you are a designer or have art that you have the purchased rights to, such as Limited Reproduction rights art from or other NFT marketplaces, and do not want to deal with all of the middleman stuff, we can handle that for you! That leaves you available to keep doing what you do best, designing awesome art to sell, and get paid when your items sell!