Welcome to the Hivelist Store! We are striving to bring the use case of commerce to the Hive blockchain by offering products for sale and you are able to pay in Hive, HBD, and other Hive Engine Tokens including our own LIST Token. Due to the stability and liquidity issues on the Hive Engine markets, we are only accepting the Hive Engine tokens for ebooks and digital downloads. For physical items, we are accepting Hive and HBD. On both stores, we also accept BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDC, and DAI, as well as fiat through PayPal.

You can also get discounts on the store to use anytime in return for staking our native LIST Token. Different levels of staking earn you different discount levels. The staking coupon code you will receive for staking LIST will work on both stores as well as other stores created by the team at The Logical Dude, LLC. You can find all the details here.

**NOTE** Each store is separate so you will have separate checkouts and accounts for both the physical products and the ebook and digital downloads stores.